MASI Technologies provides speciality drilling fluid solutions to the oil and gas market. Our technology is based upon the science of aphrons -- a microscopic bubble with a nitrogen core that is encapsulated and stablized with a polymer and surfactant blend. Aphrons are created within the mud system during the natural course of adding products and mixing mud, without requiring the injection of external air or gas. The encapsulated micro-bubbles are non-coalescing and can be re-circulated. In addition, the organic biodegradability of the system also offers an important "green" aspect.

Aphron technology has proven itself over six continents and thousands of wells. It has enabled trouble-free drilling in a wide variety of formations and applications. It has saved time, losses and reduced other problems. It has enabled well construction in "difficult to drill" regions and has proved a viable alternative to more costly, under-balanced drilled or oil-based muds. It has also eliminated the need for casing strings and optimized cement returns, while simplifying completions and providing rapid cleanup. In work over applications, the technology has simplified well servicing operations and has enabled complex operations to be executed with reduced risk. It has also resulted in significant improvement in production performance that has even extended to improvement in gas reservoirs.

Field results for the aphron technology have been outstanding: In Lake Maracaibo, PDVSA calculated a savings of $1 million per well in drilling costs over a 400 well program; Shell Oil was able to extend boreholes in the North Sea to new pay zones; Murphy Oil reduced clean up days from 30 to 3 in Cactus Lake; Devon Oil has been very successful in workover applications, and in Yemen, Total experienced not only significantly fewer losses but also achieved production rates six times higher then when using other fluids.

The aphron system is ideally suited for global oil and gas producers with operations that extend over a wide variety of formations and reservoirs. The Aphron ICS system reduces risks of invasion, lost circulation and formation damanage, while increasing production levels.


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